XL830L Digital Multimeter With Backlight


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This is XL830L hot selling digital multimeter on the market comes with backlight. It is a recommended choice by most electricians, students, experts, as well as beginners that buys from Denakan Technologies. It fit well for most applications.


DC voltage: 200mV–2-20-200-600V ?0.5%
AC voltage: 200V-600V ?1.0%
DC current: 200u-2m-20m-200m-10A ?1.8%
resistance: 200-2k-20k-200k- -2M? ?1.0%
Transistor measurement: Yes (PNP/NPN transistor hFE)
Diode measurement: Yes
Input resistance: 1M?
Battery: 9V (Not included)
Maximum display: 1999 (3 and a half liquid crystal display)
Display size: 45?20mm

Product description:

3 1/2 digital LCD screen, maximum display value 1999
Data hold function
Low voltage symbol display
Backlight function
Overload protection
On-off measurement
Diode measurement: with
Triode measurement: with
Continuity measurement: with
Data hold: with
Background Light: with
Power supply: 6F22 type 9V battery
Maximum display: 1999
Dimensions: 135?67?33mm
Weight: 240g

Package included:

1 x LCD Digital Multimeter
2 x Test probes
1 x Orange Back Cover
1 x English User Manual.

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