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This is an UPGRADED Wemos D1 R2 (REVISION 2) WiFi modul that comes in an Arduino UNO form factor. It is an ideal module for any kind of projects that involve Arduino UNO shield since the shield can be directly stacked on top of this Wemos D1. Futhermore, this WiFi module is SUPER EASY to used and programmed with Arduino IDE.

The main difference between R1 and R2 are:
– R1 has ESP8266 12B or 12E model while R2 has a ESP8266 12F model on the pcb board. You see this in the defference of the Wifi antenna.
– R2 has 2×4 solder pins for the serial and I2C interface which is not found on R1.

The other technical features of both modules are basically the same and you won’t see any significant differences when using any of them.

– Based on ESP8266, ESP-12F
– CH340 usb to serial convertor
– Micro USB communication port
– Arduino compatible, using Arduino IDE to program.
– Wifi Enabled – Perfect for Internet of things IoT
– 11 x I / O pins.
– 1 x ADC pin (input range of 0-3.3V).
– Support OTA wireless upload.
– Onboard 5V 1A Switching Power Supply (highest input voltage 24V).
– Arduino UNO Form factor compatible (Not all pins are compatible due to limitations of the ESP8266)

1 x WeMos D1 R2 WiFi UNO ESP8266 Arduino Compatible Board

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