SIM800L GSM Module With Antenna


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Specification :
Chip : SIM800L
Operating Voltage : 3.7-4.2
Module Size : 2.5cm * 2.3cm
TTL serial port for serial port, you can link directly to the microcontroller. No need MAX232
Power module automatically boot, homing network
Onboard signal lights all the way . It flashes slowly when there is a signal, it flashes quickly when there is no signal

PinOut :
1.NET = Antena
2.VCC = +3.7-4.2V
3.RST = Reset
4.RXD = Rx Data Serial
5.TXD = Tx Data Serial
6.GND = Ground/0V
7.RING when call incoming
9.MICP = Microphone +
10.MICN = Microphone –
11.SPKP = Speaker +
12.SPKN = Speaker –

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