R385 DC Powerful Pneumatic Diaphragm Water Pump 12V 6W


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Are you building a smart gardening project or an automatic water pump system? If yes, then this powerful R385 water pump is for you!

It is operated using diaphragmic concept which there is no contact between the turbine blade and the liquid. Make it safe for edible liquid/water.

Pump Size: 90 mm * 40 mm * 35 mm
Outlet Diameter: Inner diameter 5 mm, Outer diameter 6mm (Perfect match with our 6mm Inner Diameter Polyurethane tube: https://shopee.com.my/1-Meter-PU-Tube-Polyurethane-Pipe-Hose-8mm-Diameter-Uncut-i.141744715.4122046958)
Working Voltage: DC 12V
Working current :0.5-0 .7 A
Flow :1.5-2L / Min (left) Maximum suction lift: 2 m
Head: up to 3m (POWERFUL!)
Water temperature: up to 100 degree celcius

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