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This is HIGH GRADE, HIGH QUALITY Pro’skit solder lead. Stop wasting money on cheap and low quality solder lead that will never melt properly on the tip of your soldering iron and makes your soldering results looks bad.

This is a high quality solder lead with 63% Sn and 37% Pb content (highest purity on the market), making it very easy to melt on the tip of your soldering iron and sticks nicely onto the PCB track. At Denakan Technologies, we do a lot of soldering works and we know how frustrating it is to use a low quality one. Not only you will lost money, surely your works quality will be badly affected. At the end of the day, the low quality solder lead just thrown away and will never be used anymore.

Brand: Pro’skit
Ingredient: 63%(Sn) 37%(Pb)
Diameter: 1.0mm
Weight: 17g

-Good wetting and good solderability.
-Less impurities and good diffusivity
-Environmentally friendly products, do not pollute the environment
-The smoke is small and the splash is small
-Can weld dense printed circuit boards
-Increase production speed
-Reduce production costs

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