L293D Motor Driver With ESP8266 WiFi Build-In Module


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This is the first motor shield for ESP8266 based on ESP-12E.
It is very convenient and cheap to DIY a WiFi RC smart car or any type of robotics or UAV platform.

Please take note:
The NodeMCU expansion header on this module fits NodeMCU V2.
NodeMCU V2 are sold separatedly.

– ESP-12E motor shield – uses the NODEMCU V2 Development Board to power the Driver
– Using ESP-12 DEV KIT development shield module
– Extend the output ports for ESP-12 DEVKIT: SPI, UART, GPIO, AI and 3.3V power interface
– Can drive two motors at once
– design a power switch
– driver chip: L293D
– voltage for motor: 4.5V-36V voltage for ESP control board: 4.5V-9V
– a jumper is used to connect VIN and VM for the power supply of ESP board and motor to minimise interference

Package includes:
NodeMCU L293D Motor Driver Shield x1

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