Color Heat Shrink Tube Package 328pcs


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Weight 79g
Color: black, orange, yellow, blue, green.

The shrinkage ratio of this product is 2:1 (shrink to 1/2) and both UL and CSA certifications reach 600 volts @ 125 degrees Celsius. The products also comply with ROHS standards.

Material: Polyolefin
Minimum shrink temperature: ?70?C
Maximum shrink temperature: Maximum ?110?C
Working temperature: -55?C to +125?C
Tensile strength: 10.4 MPa
Dielectric strength: 15 kV/mm
Flame retardancy: Flame retardant
supply format (round or flat): product supply flat
cutting method: scissors or sharp knife

What’s in the package:
1x40mm x120pcs
2x40mm x60pcs
3x40mm x32pcs
4x40mm x32pcs
6x40mm x32pcs
8x80mm x20pcs
10x80mm x16pcs
14x80mm x16pcs

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