Blue LCD 16×2 With I2C Interface


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This 16×2 LCD uses I2C interface with the I2C module already soldered on the back of the LCD.

The I2C interface simplify the circuit connections of the LCD by utilising just 4 pieces of wires instead of 16 pieces on normal interface. Ideal for any kind of microcontrollers such as Arduino, PLC, PIC, STC, Raspberry Pi, and etc.

In addition, There is also a built in mini potentiometer on the I2C module that make it easier to tune the LCD brightness whereas in normal interface, you need to add external potentiometer.

CAUTION: When powering this LCD for the first time, please tune the brightness if you don’t see the characters.

Specification :
LCD type : LCD1602 (16*2)
IIC / I2C module soldered on LCD.
4 Pinout with VCC,GND,SDA,SDL
IIC Address : 0x27
Size : 82mm * 36mm* 18mm
Backlight color: BLUE

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