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Halogen-free flame retardant heat shrinkable tubing 127 black

Size: 10*15*2
Bag weight: 48g

Colour: Black

Heat shrinkable tubing is suitable for a wide range of applications, including electrical insulation, cable bonding, and identification of wires, cables, pipes, and electrical and electronic components.

Ratio: 2:1

The high expansion ratio can repair damaged cable sheaths. Can be used to protect bundled wires and metal pipes. Can be used in various electrical applications.

The content is as follows: (Measure the inner diameter of all pipes when they are round):

What’s in the package:
2x40mm 30pcs
2.5x40mm 25pcs
3.5x40mm 20pcs
5x40mm 20pcs
7x80mm 16pcs
10x80mm 8pcs
13x85mm 8pcs

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