Arduino Compatible UNO DIP Kit Basic Beginner RBT


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Arduino Compatible UNO Kit Basic Beginner RBT suitable for individuals who want to learn about Arduino, electronics, and programming such as ‘Reka Bentuk & Teknologi’ student & teachers. This basic kit includes just about everything a beginner might need to start learning.

The included items are:
Arduino Compatible UNO Development Board x1
USB B Cable x1
400 Holes Mini Breadboard x1
Red LED 5mm x5
Yellow LED 5mm x5
Green LED 5mm x5
Tactile Push Button + Cap x2
Mini Buzzer 5V x1
Light Dependent Resistor LDR x2
200 Ohm Resistor x10
1K Ohm Resistor x10
10K Ohm Resistor x10
9V Battery Snap with DC Jack x1
Potentiometer Variable Resistor x1
Male-Male 20cm Jumper x20

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